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How to Play Billiards : How to Buy a Pool Cue for Yourself

When buying a pool cue as a beginner, look for straightness, a good tip, a nice wrap, comfortable weight, sound joint materials and proper balance. Identify the …212


Ronnie O'Sullivan AMAZING MAGICAL CLEARANCE !!! Incredible Snooker

Ronnie The Rocket O’Sullivan AMAZING MAGICAL CLEARANCE !!! 92 Clearance Break vs Ali Carter in 2012 World Snooker Championship Final.472


Biggest Snooker Fail Of All Time WSC 2013

i cannot believe this happened you gotta see for yourself.114


Best Snooker Shots Ever of Snooker History



Adapting the Bridge – Different techniques

In this Barry Stark Snooker Coach tutorial Barry demonstrates different bridging techniques. Often the cue ball is in a situation on the table where it is not …288


Pool and billiards grip and bridge technique and advice – (NV B.96 – part 2)

[removed] Dr. Dave and Bob Jewett describe, illustrate, and demonstrate proper technique for a pool and billiards grip and bridge. The video …253


Billiards: Basic Positioning Shots : Cheating the Pocket in Pool

Cheating the pocket uses the pocket to position the cue ball. Learn how to use this pool shot to get the cue ball in position for the next shot from a certified pool …94


Yakuza 0 – Pool Minigame – Perform 3 Carom Shots

Select solo play, but you can get similar shot setups VS the AI. What is a Cannon Shots? 1)Shot white ball to color ball 2) white ball change direction 3) white ball …62


The Amazing Skills Of Efren Reyes Forever By Billiard Planet 2

The Amazing Skills Of Efren Reyes Forever By Billiard Planet 2 ========================================== Help Us to Get 10.000 Subscribers …716


Advanced Carom and Billiard Shots

[removed] – We’ll help you select your cue.72

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