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Pool Lessons – Pool Lessons for BEGINNERS – Learn the Fundamentals

The best BEGINNER’S pool lesson on youtube. Learn the BASICS right here…! Have fun, and smile…!599


Pool Lessons – Aiming and Breaks Shot Lessons from Willie Mosconi

Pool Lessons – Aiming and Breaks Shot Lessons from Willie Mosconi. Billiards Instruction from the legendary champion Willie Mosconi is rare and has been …640


Learn to Play Pool in Ten Minutes — billiards instruction

A short introduction to the fundamentals of pool (pocket billiards)593


Lesson 10 Aiming Systems Pt 2 – Billiards course



ADVANCED POOL – BILLIARDS LESSONS! When Cueball and Object Ball are Frozen on Rail

[removed] Frozen on the Rail – When the Cueball and Object ball are both on the rail there are different methods for pocketing the object ball.312


TECHNIQUE | IBSF Cue Zone – Latvia 2013 Video 1… Fixed Elbow – New Best

Showing the importance of keeping the elbow fixed, rather than floating from side to side to find the angle of the shot. Once you are down on the shot, it is too late …24


TESTIMONIAL | Tony C (England) – New Best

For more information or to have your own Personal Player Profile reviewed by Nic Barrow… [removed]47


POSITIONAL PLAY | Matthew S 08 Pink To Black Two Options – New Best

To get your own Personal Player Profile reviewed by Nic please visit [removed]301


TESTIMONIAL | Vlad B, UK – New Best

To get sample lesson videos and your complimentary ‘Personal Player Profile’ personally reviewed by Nic, please visit: …90


BREAK BUILDING | 134 Clearance – New Best

There is a two minute delay at around 2 minutes – which you can fast forward through… Table is a Star – from the Shanghai Masters Final. See if you can predict …947

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