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Using "Gearing" Outside English to Eliminate Throw – from "How To Aim Pool Shots (HAPS)" – NV E.3

[removed] Excerpt from Disc I of the "How to Aim Pool Shots (HAPS)" instructional DVD series by "Dr. Dave" Alciatore" and Bob Jewett.162


Potting Line Part 2 – Aiming along the line

In this Barry Stark Snooker Coach tutorial, Barry talks about aiming to play along the line of the shot and not to aim for a specific point on the object ball.257


Tutorial: Easy Aiming System l Ghost Ball (No commentary)

Previous Video – [removed] (10 ball speed pool American) Next Video – [removed] …143


Mirror Kick-Shot Aiming System – from "How To Aim Pool Shots (HAPS)" – NV E.7

[removed] Excerpt from Disc III of the "How to Aim Pool Shots (HAPS)" instructional DVD series by "Dr. Dave" Alciatore" and Bob Jewett.420


Billard Aiming Calculator Pro

Would you like to improve your pool game? Would you like to see the track lines of the cue- and objectball? Would you like to learn more about position play?60


Instantly Improve your Shot-Making Ability in Billiards and Pool



Shane Van Boening aiming sistem rus lang (sub)

Part of TAR Podcast where Shane speaks about his aiming sistem (rus sub). Link to full video [removed] Shane Van …350


My pool 'aiming system'

Physics works. Figure out your object ball contact spot, ‘back-of-the-ball to pocket’ is how I view it, your Qball contact spot which is parallel to the same line, line …393


Pool Aiming Tips

Pool Aiming Tips. Part of the series: Billiard Tips. When it comes to aiming in pool it’s very important to line up the shot in the correct way according to where the …124


Side Pocket Cut Shots Drill – Angle Fraction Ball Aiming System – Pool & Billiard training lesson

To use this aiming system for Side Pocket Cut Shots, you just have to remember the serie of numbers 0 (0°) – 3 (7°) – 7 (14°) – 11 (22°) – 16 (30°) – 22 (39°) – 30 …221