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Diamond systems for aiming kick shots, and the "spot on the wall" kicking system (NV B.35)

[removed] NV B.35 – Corner-5, Plus-2, and one-rail kicking systems, with "spot on the wall" aiming, with Tom Ross. More information, including …567


Cue Ball Position Control Drill – Angle Fraction Ball Aiming System – Pool & Billiard training

This is an exercise to learn how to control Cue Ball Speed and Position. At the end, some tricky shots for challenge and fun. Exercice de contrôle de la bille de …172


Better Aiming at Billiards : Follow These Steps

The billiard aiming system that World champions and other professionals admire. The "Billiards Aim Trainer II" aka the BAT II, is the best tool in the world in for …60


Foot Spot Cut Shots Drill #1 – Angle Fraction Ball Aiming System – Pool & Billiard training lesson

To use this aiming system for Foot Spot Cut Shots , you just have to remember the serie of numbers 40 (0°) – 36 (7°) – 30 (14°) – 21 (22°) – 2 (30°) – 31 (39°) – 21 …251


CTE Aiming -Finally Explained! – Part 4 (The Lighter Side)

CTE Aiming- Finally Explained!- Part 4 (The Lighter Side) More shots on my take with CTE Aiming and my search for the right aiming method to improve my …1778


How To Play Pool Better: [BCA] Billiard Congress of America approved Aiming Technique

Using this Billiard Congress of America (BCA) aim training device, your aiming will improve very quickly. In fact, this training device was partially developed by a …45


CAP Pool Cue Shaft (Center Aim Pivot) by The Drill Instructor

Announcing the first ZERO DEFLECTION PERFORMANCE SHAFT in the history of pocket billiards: The CAP Shaft (Center Aim Pivot). Up to January 1, 2015 …288


X-System Secret Revealed – Aiming Kick Shots – Exercise #23 – Pool Coaching & Billiard Training

Awesome Aiming System for Kick Shots. Learn it , practice it and enjoy playing like a pro ! Drawings with PoolShot Software from [removed] Any …169


90 90 pivot explanation 001

How to properly align for 90/90 aiming.323


Jerry Briesath-Talking About Aiming.

Jerry Briesath-Talking About Aiming.433