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Tag archives for Aiming

Shane Van Boening aiming sistem rus lang (sub)

Part of TAR Podcast where Shane speaks about his aiming sistem (rus sub). Link to full video [removed] Shane Van …350


My pool 'aiming system'

Physics works. Figure out your object ball contact spot, ‘back-of-the-ball to pocket’ is how I view it, your Qball contact spot which is parallel to the same line, line …393


Pool Aiming Tips

Pool Aiming Tips. Part of the series: Billiard Tips. When it comes to aiming in pool it’s very important to line up the shot in the correct way according to where the …124


Side Pocket Cut Shots Drill – Angle Fraction Ball Aiming System – Pool & Billiard training lesson

To use this aiming system for Side Pocket Cut Shots, you just have to remember the serie of numbers 0 (0°) – 3 (7°) – 7 (14°) – 11 (22°) – 16 (30°) – 22 (39°) – 30 …221


How to Aim the Cue Ball in Pool

The art of aiming at the cue ball can take many techniques, in this About.com video, learn how to perfect your aim with these two easy methods.137


A simple trick for using the Ghost Ball aiming method



Billiards Aiming by Tony Smith, CPA

Billiards Aiming by Tony Smith.608


Diamond system for aiming rolling-cue-ball kick shots, from VEPS IV (NV B.82)

[removed] Dr. Dave and Tom Ross describe, illustrate, and demonstrate how to aim rolling-cue-ball kick shots. This is an example shot from Disc …270


Aiming with sidespin

Revised description of major effects of hitting with sidespin at pool.598


APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 7: Aiming (Cue Ball Travel Line)

[removed] – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 7: Aiming (Cue Ball Travel Line) – Learning to shoot the cue ball in a straight line combines good preshot …195