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Two Rail Bank and Kick Shots



Kick Shot techniques

[removed] – Click Here to see my latest billiards invention: the E-Grip! Just as before when we learned about Bank Shots, everybody is trying to find …242


Pool cross-corner bank shot – How to detect and avoid a double kiss (NV B.23)

Note: At the 0:55 point in the video, the text displays "slow, top-left English." It should be "slow, top-right English" instead, as the demonstration shows.148


Pool and billiards cross-side double-kiss bank of a frozen ball (NV B.94)

[removed] Dr. Dave and Bob Jewett describe, illustrate, and demonstrate how to execute a cross-side double-kiss bank shot of a ball frozen to …67


A quick and easy way to practice bank shots in pool



How to Use English With a Bank Shot in Billiards and Pool

[removed] – Find your perfect pool cue with us!75


BASIC BANK SHOTS – www.manningcues.com

How to measure bank shots using the diamonds to determine contact location on the object ball and the rail. Parallel shifting…770


Bank Shots Practice Max Eberle Las Vegas

[removed] Learn how to make bank shots and how to play pool. 8ball, 9ball, straight pool, one pocket, bank pool, rotation…429


Pool and billiards bank shot challenge drill – "bank to all pockets," from VEPP IV (NV C.15)

[removed] Dr. Dave and Bob Jewett describe, illustrate, and demonstrate a challenge drill where you are required to bank to all six pockets.193


Pool Lessons – The Impossible Bank Shot! Supercharge Your Game!

[removed] This video teaches you how to avoid the double-kiss on bank shots. More videos available at [removed] – The …67