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200 billiards break by Lindrum

This is a 200 break Walter Lindrum made in an exhibition in 1957 at Caulfield RSL Club Melbourne Australia.581


Pool Break Session Compilation 2013 MVP at Felt Billiards Denver Colorado

July 2013 at Felt Billiards in Denver. Watched 3 Joe Tucker DVDs and the TAR SVB Shane Van Boening break video. Took notes for a few days. Took a bunch …368


English Billiards Break – 291 by Martin Goodwill 1/2

more at [removed]799


Best break in pool

UNBELIEVABLE ! Every ball potted in the breakshot!! Recorded May 2004, Amsterdam Nes-café /poolbar. Thank you for visiting.11


Bar Billiards 'Break' Demonstration on a Jelkes Table

Bar Billiards ‘Oxford Break’ Demonstration… Played on a pre-war Jelkes table. Demonstration on how to do the ‘Oxford Break’ in Bar Billiards Bar billiards is …43


Billiards Break Sound FX

Hard break – billiards sound FX.4


billiards break 151

break billiards 151 with a little postmans knock top of the table.547


The Best 8 Ball Break! Advanced Tips and Strategy

[removed] Advanced tips and strategy for 8 ball breaks! Learn from the best 8 ball player in history! This is an excerpt from Jimmy Reid’s 10 …334


amazing break! sinks every ball but 8 ball…

pure luck…but still awesome.61


8 Ball Pool – 44,444,444,444 COINS !!! 9Ball Pool Golden Break // Indirect Gameplay

Playing some games at newest room of 8ball pool – Miami Beach 9Ball Pool and doing the excat number of coins 44.444.444.444 Hope you like it and …613