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Tag archives for Cue Care

How to make a Billiard Ball/Cue Ball Polisher

A low cost way to make a Billiard Ball/Cue Ball Polisher for under $68.00, and it works GREAT! I made this video to be entertaining, but filled with pictures so you …134


How to fit and shape a cue tip

3 times 8 Ball Pool World Champion Gareth Potts explains how he fits and shapes a cue tip. For more coaching videos from Gareth please visit: …283


A Better Pool – (813) 927-0825

A Better Pool Tampa, FL (813) 927-0825 A Better Pool is a well known swimming pool service provider in the Tampa, FL area. Reach our swimming pool …42


Home Maintenance : How to Clean a Hot Tub

Cleaning a hot tub requires draining it and using a mild detergent to clean the surface of the tub, avoiding chlorine products if it is not a chlorine-based hot tub.133


simple cue tip replacement

Cue Tip replacement with a Mid-America Basic cue Repair Lathe.676


How to clean a pool cue stick shaft

The proper way to clean a pool cue stick shaft and get the most chalk and dirt out of the wood grain possible. What is needed: Denatured Alcohol, Paper Towels, …356


How To Shape A Pool Cue Tip Ozone Billiards

Courtesy : [removed]146


How to Clean a Pool Cue Shaft with the Shaft Maintenance Kit by Thailand Pool Tables

www.thailandpooltables.com A great guide to learn how to clean your pool cue shaft with the shaft maintenance kit. The Shaft Maintenance Kit comes with …326


저용량-billiard cue tip tool.avi

billiard cue tip repair tool.131


How to clean your pool cue (stick)