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8 Ball Pool – HOW IS THAT SHOT POSSIBLE!? | Black Cue VS Kraken Cue [Trick Shot Gameplay]

Hit Like for More Subscriber 8 Ball Pool Trick Shot Gameplay Videos! 8 Ball Pool Coin Giveaway Below! In Today’s video, It’s the Black Cue VS Kraken Cue w/ …568


How to Shoot a Powerful Draw Shot (Pool Lessons)

This video teaches you all you need to know to draw the cue ball the length of the pool table. This video is intended for players of all levels. It teaches beginners …757


Mike MASSEY vs Paul GERNI – Pool Trickshots – Magic on the table

Support Bilijar9 Channel: [removed] …2794


8 Ball Pool- TRY NOT TO RAGE | Max Power Top Spin Challenge [ITS ENOUGH] 8 Ball Pool Hacks/Tricks

Come at me here – Instagram @aamiristhis Twitter- @AamirISTHIS So finally, max power back spin challenge in 8 Ball Pool is finally here :) 8 Ball Pool Hack is …651


Amazing Billiard Shots in SLOW MOTION!

Watch this one in HD! Rack ‘em up. We slow down all the breaks, spins and curves of a billiard ace. Pay attention, maybe you can learn something.82


Pool and billiards draw/backspin/screw-back shot – Part 3: examples (NV B.97)

[removed] Dr. Dave and Bob Jewett describe, illustrate, and demonstrate proper technique, physics effects, and game-situation example for a …338


How to Make the "Snake" Shot | Pool Trick Shots

Nutella Bread Recipe: [removed] Watch more How to Make Pool Trick Shots videos: …84


Pool and billiards power draw (backspin, screw-back) shot technique advice from VEPS-I (NV B.65)

[removed] Dr. Dave and Tom Ross show how to improve your power-draw (AKA power screw-back or backspin) pool or billiard technique.94


Bending, Twisting, and Stiffening Kick and Bank Shots

[removed] Dr. Dave demonstrates various kick and bank shots where it is necessary to change the CB’s rebound angle and path with speed …359


Billiards: Cue Ball Control -part 1

Part 1 of a description of controlling the cue ball in pool.498