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Youtube Video awesome billiard skill master 2003 tips and techniques stroke freestyle training #1



Mastering Pool (Mika Immonen) Billiard Training Cue ball control by Thailand Pool Tables

Available in Thailand from Thailand Pool Tables: [removed] Mika ‘the Iceman’ …407


Fractional-Ball Aiming – from "How To Aim Pool Shots (HAPS)" – NV E.1

[removed] Excerpt from Disc I of the "How to Aim Pool Shots (HAPS)" instructional DVD series by "Dr. Dave" Alciatore" and Bob Jewett.208


8 BALL POOL EASY AUTOWIN – Road to 1 Billion Coins! – Berlin Platz or Monaco in Miniclip 8 Ball Pool

Miniclip 8 Ball Pool Autowin (No Hack/Cheat) 8 Ball Pool Road to1 Billion Coins (Part 12) 9 Ball Pool Update – Trickshots, Tips, Tricks and Hacks in Miami Beach …874


Aiming System for Pool – Thick or Thin System

This is a simplified version of the Center to Edge CTE and 90/90 aiming systems. The Thick or Thin Aiming System is used by some professionals to consistently …312


Aiming System for Pool Made Easy

Here’s an easy aiming system that will help beginner and intermediate players!294


Billiard Tips & Techniques – Pool Shot Tutorials – Ball Position Rail Shot

Learn how to get position on your next shot when your current shot is positioned in the center of the table. With the proper approach you can place the cue ball …78


Instantly become a better pool player!! one simple trick!

Have you always wanted to be better at pool? Here’s a simple thing to keep in mind when you are playing that will definitely make you a better pool player.172


Potting Technique – Along the cushion

In this Barry Stark Snooker Coach tutorial, Barry explains and demonstrates the technique for potting the object ball which is tight on the the cushion. He also …203


Billiard Tips & Techniques – Pool Shot Tutorials – The Pro Book #4

Learn how to get your cue ball back to the center of the table after pocketing a shot. More tips and practice found in “The Pro Book” by Bob Henning: …101